Is 5-Sided Dye-Sub Technique a Challenge to Design?

Is 5-Sided Dye-Sub Technique a Challenge to Design?

Here’s why 5-sided Dye-Sub technique is a challenge to Keycap designers and manufacturers.

Dye-sub or dye sublimation is one of the most common techniques used to customize keycaps on custom mechanical keyboards. It is a complex but very effective method where heat is used to fuse a material with a dye to create the desired effect or image.

When it comes to customized keycaps, dye-sub is often preferred, especially for those who want a 5-sided dye-sub keycap.

Why is the 5-sided dye-sub technique so special?

For one thing it creates a unique look that can’t be attained on keycaps that only have one side that is sublimated. Having all five sides of the keycap be decorated with a gorgeous print makes the entire custom mechanical keyboard come to life.

A great example to showcase this technique is with the Enjoy the Circus collection of keycaps. The Sakura 5-sided dye-sub keycaps are another good choice with a very thoughtful design.

Would you say dye-sub is hard?

More importantly, the 5-sided dye-sub technique is quite difficult to pull off. Dye sublimation is accomplished using complex computer software, cutting devices such as a rotary blade and a heat press. 

It is hard enough to embed these designs onto one side of a keycap, but having to decorate all 5 sides makes the already delicate process even more of a challenge. The keycap needs to be very delicately handled as the heat press is repositioned for each side of the dye. One false move could mess up the entire design.

This is why the 5-sided dye-sub technique is such a challenge for keycap designers. With that said, it’s a great option for your custom keyboard. Order your own today!

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