About Us

Founded in 2019, Crafting Keyboards offer innovative mechanical keyboards and accessories from a dedicated team of experts. It started as a hobby of modifying old keyboards and it remains a mystery how the global takeoff was swift. We have come a long way in offering our smart and passionate products to only a handful of consumers, to now serve customers worldwide. Our goal is to eliminate any technical barriers that can prevent you from understanding your keyboard needs. We are thrilled to be part of the keyboard industry, and we hope you enjoy our products.


Our Promise

We craft an excellent selection of products that are mostly only available on our website thanks to partnerships with manufacturers and direct suppliers. This year, we move towards a more branded seasonal company with a limited selection of in-house designed products. We will be showing our designs while still reselling other popular products. We will be sharing our Vault - a space for original designs made by our team and partnership, where customers can fill up an Interest check form and sign up to be notified when the product will be available. Custom products from the Vault will be worked on by season and year.