Do Not Cross - Crime Scene


Hello, Detective, are you the new lead inspector sent by HQ? Welcome to our Serious Crime Scene Investigations Unit, where  we work non-stop with the Law and Order to catch the scum of the Earth, only that we call them UNSUBs here.

Let’s start at the scene of the crime: The victim’s home office.  Our records indicate some noise complaints last week, but the attending patrol said the owner told them it was the Television.

A few days later, a neighbor passing by noticed that there was a broken side window, then called the Police. The initial report showed traces of blood on the scene and the owner has been missing for a few days.

Someone broke into the system. Did they take something or plant it? With all the evidence we’re gathering we might just have an answer.

A file named LM-ai.db was copied from the computer. This was the only information we could confirm for now before the computer turned itself off and tried to delete everything. Our tech was able to stop the files from being gone and it will take some time to get some deleted files back.

Is that a silhouette I see in the Neighbor’s Security cam footage? Pause it. Enhance it, interpolate the image file and try to run it through a facial recreation software.


Keep these items you’ve found in sealed evidence bags, everything gets processed before making any assumptions.

Pass me the Luminol and turn off the lights, let’s see if anything was wiped, find the magnifying glass and check for prints.

It seems that the attacker might have been careless, or simply didn’t care to get caught, since there are prints and partials everywhere, we’ve already sent some of the founds sets to the lab.

TVT Forensic

Made and designed by The Vault

Profile: Cherry

Compatible: MX Switch and MX-Style Switches

Material: PBT

Keys: 161 Full Forensic Keycap Set

Process: Single-sided Thermal-Sub and Five-sided Dye-Sub Keycaps (All sides of the Keycap are Dye-Sub).

Desk Mat:

Designed by The Vault

900mm x 400mm

4mm Thick

Stitched edges

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