90% Mechanical Keyboard Kit


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This 90% Mechanical Keyboard Kit strikes a perfect balance between a full-size and tenkeyless board. It’s got everything you need—including function keys, arrows, and a Numpad—but it doesn’t waste an inch of space.

The case is a real standout for a couple of reasons: First, it’s made from frosted acrylic to enhance the lighting. Second, it’s got a noticeable angle for an ergonomic feel when typing.  Since we know all typists are different, we’ll be offering a wide range of Gateron, Kailh, and Cherry MX switches as well (Available on our website, not included in the kit). Program your board however you like with the PS2AVRGB.QMK firmware. There are 18 underglow RGB LEDs under PCB.

Layout supported as below:

90% Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Package Includes:

CNC Case Plate + PCB + Stabilizers needed + CNC Feet (PCB can choose type C gold pad and B mini silver pad).

Stabilizers included 1×6.25u+7x2u+1x6u+1x7u



This 90% Mechanical Keyboard Kit does not include switches or keycaps. You can look through our categories to find the perfect one for you and add them to the cart.

Additional information


Cyan, Gold, Grey, Pink, Silver, Black, Blue


B Mini Silver pad PCB, QMK C Gold Pad PCB


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