CKO75 Ortholinear Keyboard Kit


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Ortholinear keyboards are designed to increase efficiency and reduce finger travel when typing. The CKO75 is by far one of the best 15×5 Ortho aluminum kits.

You can customize every key just how you like and even put in a Numpad if you’d prefer. Crafted with CNC’d Aluminum, the case is durable and stable.

What’s more, the hot-swappable Switch inserts allow you to swap out Switches on the fly, without ever picking up a soldering iron.

The case design and its top plate allows for an even typing feel in contrast to other 75 orthos. The assembly is just a breeze. There are 6 screws holding the case together and another 7 to screw the PCB and top plate in place. No wobble and whatnot. Once assembled this keyboard is one solid brick.

The PCB supports RGB LEDs if you want to set the tone with underlighting. Backed by a Type-C USB connection, the keyboard connects to most new laptops and computers.

It does come with everything you need to start (no switches or keycaps):



All screws,

Keycap puller

Switch puller

3M Feet

2 Aluminum Feet in the matching color

1 additional resistor just in case.

All in all, this is just a superior CKO75 Ortholinear Mechanical Keyboard Kit that will get you started into the custom mechanical keyboard rabbit hole.

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Black-Blue, Grey, Purple, Silver, Black, Blue


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