Gateron X1 Milky Yellow Switches


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This time we have the KS-3X1 or Gateron X1 Milky Yellow Switches, a PCB Mount 5-pin linear switch with an ivory white nylon top, milky white bottom shaft, and a bright yellow POM stem. Stainless steel spring.

The Actuation Force is 50±15gf and a 4.0±0.4mm Pre-Travel. Supports only two-pin LEDs. If you care about RGB lighting, the top shaft will allow the lighting to shine through.

The X1 Milky switches are buttery smooth. So solid and clean with a deep sound and no clicky feel. Good for working in the office, long-term typing, and even gaming.

If you really want smoothness and have the budget Durock/JWK linears are a fair bit smoother and maybe a bit more quiet. X1 Milky Yellows are still nice for the money though.


Supports only two-pin LEDs

Actuation Force: 50g

Pre-Travel: 4.0mm


Style: MX Switch compatible

Material: POM



The Gateron X1 Milky Yellow Switches are not factory lubed. You can lube and film if preferred.

These switches are sold in bags of 70pcs.

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