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Clear HTV Switch Films

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Switch Films are for dust prevention, to increase tightness, and improve the stability experience. With this kind of soft  material you can improve the tightness problem caused by the uneven shaft cover and buffer the vibration conducted by the upper cover.

It also avoids the ash feeding problem caused by plane airflow and rough shaft cover, which cannot be solved by a traditional adhesive and PC material.

The thickness of the two models after installation is roughly the same, but the tactility is different.


Single layer VS Double layer:

The single layer films are an opaque white MDI material, like sponge. Due to its great elasticity it can be installed repeatedly without deforming and can adapt to switches with small gaps. There is no need to distinguish between positive and negative. However, its compactness is not as good as double-layer. Compared with traditional foam MDI, its durability and moisture-proof performance are improved, but it still has a certain way to go compared with double-layer silica gel HTV material. The sound is thick and deep.

The double layer films are transparent made out of HTV + PC double-layer composite silica gel material. After pressing and installing, it can produce deformation according to the tolerance and concave surface of the switch cover, providing a better sealing and cushioning effect than the single-layer version. When installing, it is recommended that the frosted surface should face down to the switch base, and the reflective surface face up to the switch cover. It is not recommended to use it repeatedly because the first installation has formed concave convex deformation with the switch at that time. The sound is more crisp than single layer.

The thickness of the single layer is larger, but the elasticity is high and more switches are matched. It is best for the switches with a small gap. The double-layer has more functions and better airtightness. It is best for large gap but it can't be reused. If you just want to solve the shaking, the effect of the two is the same.



HTV Switch Films 120pcs/pack

Material: Clear Soft HTV or Opaque White MDI

Single layer thickness: 0.3mm

Double layer: 0.16mm



This product is compatible with Gateron and JWK switches. When used on other switches the switch film may twist, but its function is not affected.