Equalz TPU Switch Films

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Soft Milky White TPU material that can make the shaft light more uniform. While TPU is a rubber like material, it's thin, but still very hard. It can quickly fill the gap between the upper cover and the base

This is great for when you need microns of compression for an already tight Switch and improve the exposed condition of traditional inter-axis paper due to excessive size.

The shaft body can basically form a closed environment, and the sound will be more concentrated and deep.



Material: TPU Milky White

Thickness: 0.18mm

120PCS per pack.

Adaptability: MX shaft body. Including but not limited to Cherry shafts, Gateron shafts, JWK shafts, Kailh, etc.

Installation instructions: 

Due to the super elasticity and toughness of the material, the process might have a learning curve.

Take out the full-page inter-axis pad and gently pull it up, down, left and right to break the indentation. 

The use of tweezers is recommended. Do not tear it hard to avoid breaking the inter-axial pad.