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Gateron Candy Cream Switches

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$65 USD
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$65 USD
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$65 USD

The Gateron Candy Cream Switches are a solid Linear Switch option. come with a POM Cream Green base, POM Cream Powder Pink upper cover, and Cream Yellow shaft core.

Spacing between the stem and top housing has reduced wobble.



LED adaptation: 2pin/4pin shaft lamp

5 Pin Switch

Total Travel: 4.0±0.4mm

Motion Stroke: 2.0±0.6mm

Trigger pressure: 62 ± 15gf

Operating Life: 50 million times

Spring: Silver



The shaft core comes already lubricated with Krytox 205g0. You can lube and film if preferred.

These Gateron Candy Cream Switches are sold in packs of 70pcs.