Gateron Ink Switches

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The Gateron Ink switches are so well known for their smokey, transparent housing and black ink-like spring to match—but they're much more than just looks.
These linear switches feature:
  • Black - 4 millimeters of total travel with a satisfying 60-gram actuation and 70-gram bottom out.
  • Red - 50g actuation, 67g bottoming-out, 4mm travel distance, same as black but lighter

  • Yellow - 60g actuation, 67g bottoming-out, 3.4mm travel distance, anti-dust design, 15% less stem travel distance for faster response

  • Blue - 75g actuation, 60g bottoming-out, 4mm travel distance, rounded, obvious, smooth bump that creates improved sound, lowered spring noise, gives crisp "ka-da" sound.