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Crafting Keyboards

SA Grand Budapest Keycap Set

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$150 USD
Regular price
$150 USD
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$150 USD

The SA Grand Budapest Keycap Set uses ABS injection molding to seal the glaze, which is very hard and wear-resistant. It protects the ABS printed fonts from abrasion and oxidation, and it has dustproof and oleophobic properties. The big font is delightful and delicate pink, quite pleasing to the eye. This is a fully sculpted SA Set with the rows being 1-1-2-3-4-4 and MX Switches compatible.

The Grand Budapest Hotel, a fictional murder-mystery-adventure-love story set in a sumptuous pink Eastern European hotel on the eve of World War II. The hotel is inspired in German and European Skiing Chalets, which is why it looks so uniquely fancy, but still is recognizable.

Come get the key to your own room! We’ll be waiting for you.


Kits Available:

Base 87 Keys Set $139.95

Base 104 Keys Set $149.95

Novelties + Base 104 Keys Set = $169.95

Novelty Keys Set $49.95


This Standard ANSI Layout removes the Alpha area and adds some supplements, such as: 2.25U-Shift, 1.75U-Shift, ladder Caps, 1.5U, Ctrl, Alt, 7U spaces. The case is compatible with ANSI keyboards, WKL keyboards, 84 keyboards, Whitefox, etc.


Color Codes:

  • Alphas - Pantone 7422U
  • Light Pink (Novelty) - RCS                  
  • Red - RA                                             
  • Purple - RDE                                       
  • Yellow - YY                                         



Starting Date: Dec 8, 2020 at 7:00PM ET

Closing Date: Dec 20, 2020

Productions Ends: Dec 15, 2020

Expected Ship Date: January 2021



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