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Crafting Keyboards

Koala Switches

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$70 USD

A special design with a unique tactile feeling. The Koala Switches have a smooth round bump then smooth snap after the bump. The bump is very noticeable, and it gives you a lot of feedback upon actuation - responsive to the touch. It just asks you to keep typing, it feels alive.

The Spring weight is rated at bottom out force, not actuation.

The Koala Switches are a PCB Mount Switch. However, these 5 pins switches can be used in plate mounted keyboards by simply cutting the 2 small plastic pins off.



T1 Switch Style - Tactile | 4mm Travel | 2mm Operating |

Tactile Method: Metal Leaf (Gold-plated)

Gold-Plated Spring, 62g or 67g Bottom Out

50 million operations Click life

Available LED styles - SMD and through-hole

Materials: PC Top Housing, Nylon PA Bottom Housing, POM Stem



The Koala Switches are sold in packs of 70pcs.