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Kon MOMO Keycap Set

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$95 USD
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$95 USD
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$95 USD

There’s something about the icon designs on this Kon MOMO Keycap Set that will take you... or your wallet. A set with a great design in mind once again by York Chan to match a very popular polymer case and Switches

With an added extra sauce/flair of Japanese characters extra color on the alphas, the Hiragana sub-legends help completes the Japanese aesthetic and allow you to create the perfect desk setup.

The Kon Momo Keycap set has a total of 140 keys and includes 1.75U, 2U shift and 1.5U additional keycaps.

Compatible with 61, 64, 68, 84, 87, 104, 108, etc. layout mechanical keyboard with MX switches or MX Style Switches.



Compatible: MX Switches
Height: Cherry Profile
Material: Dye-Sub PBT
Number of keycaps: 140