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Crafting Keyboards

Krytox Switch Lube

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Krytox Switch Lube is the grease used on all our custom keyboard builds.

Apply the grease to your stabilizer contact points to improve the feel, sound, and action on that stabilizer.

GPL105 G0

Krytox GPL Oils are completely nonflammable. They will not burn, even in 100% liquid or gaseous oxygen and are compatible with all elastomeric seal materials, and engineering plastics.

GPL205 G2
Temp Range: -36C thru 204C:
Viscosity: 18cSt/100C, 160cSt/40C;
Stable in a wide variety of operating conditions/environments.



  • Capacity: about 12g
  • Box Size: about 30x16mm
  • Material: Krytox GPL205 or GPL105



Note that the GPL205 is for Stabilizers, GPL105 is for Switch Spring and Stem. This is due to the difference between the 105 and 205 viscosity being much higher than water. Please take a syringe needle and then extract it. 

Air tight and sealed packaging to avoid leaking during shipping.