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Crafting Keyboards

Paperboy Keycap Set

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Remember those childhood days when you got up at five in the morning to brave the pre-dawn streets of your hometown in order to deliver the morning paper? Newspapers in the suburbs were delivered by boys on bicycles.

Almost every family in the neighborhood subscribed to the local newspaper. Some even took a local paper and a big city paper. It was easy to remember the route. Just put a paper on every doorstep.

Newspapers had strict rules in those days. First, the paper had to be placed next to the door with the name of the paper right side up. That rule was relaxed in later years. The new rules warned against throwing the paper into the bushes or on top of the house. On top of the house? Some kids had better aim than others.

Rise and shine, those days are back! Only this time you can do it all in the comfort of your room, any time you want.

Now, another day awaits you, only this time the street is even more menacing. Also, you've got cancelled subscriptions to deal with -- make sure you keep your customers happy, without them you're nothing. Lose all your subscribers and it's Game Over. But, hey, who ever said a paperboy's job was easy?

Keycap Set Specs:

Designed by:
Produced by Joininkeys
Profile: Cherry
Material: ABS
Sculpt: 1/1/2/3/4/4

IC Info:

IC Starts November 10th, 2021
IC Ends December 10th, 2021