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Crafting Keyboards

Pistachios Linear Switches

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Pistachios are CK's fav flavor! Luxuriously creamy with the perfect balance of sweet pistachio flavor and subtle hints of savory nuttiness elevated by a pleasant crunch. 



HPE is a new and upgraded material from the very popular UHMWPE that's has been widely used in recently released Switches. Many UHMWPE Switch users reported the stem because it is too soft, with time it can get smaller and loose.

The new HPE material features a soft, smooth feeling and comfort without deforming as easily as the old version. 


Switch type: Linear

Top Shaft: HPE

Bottom Shaft: HPE

Stem: HPE

Spring: 65g gold spring


Designed by: Kore

Produced by: Tecsee


CK's Pistachios will start as a GB on November 30th, 2021

Estimated delivery for February 2022