Pudding Keycap Set

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Grab a spoon and get ready for dessert: this Double-shot PBT Keycaps are designed to look like a big bowl of multi-colored pudding.

The bottom three-quarters of each cap is done in a pastel colorway, like a sweet treat under the case in a candy shop. The top is done in a contrasting color with shine-through legends to emphasize the backlighting on your favorite keyboards. 

Even without led lights, it also looks very beautiful. When LEDs turn on, the font and 4 sides can let light through, so it can bring a more fascinating visual effect.


Height: OEM profile

Material: Double-shot PBT 

Thickness: 1.1 mm 

Supported layouts: 100%, TKL, 60%, US ANSI, ISO 87 TKL, PokerII