SP-Star Haze Switches

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The SP-Star Haze Switches are a very praised pair coming from an iconic Keyboard like Leopold.

They come in two variants, the SP-Star Grey which is a very smooth Linear Switch, with a tight housing (can be used without films), and a nice neutral coloring. The SP-Star Purple is very thocky, smooth and round Switch. It gives a fast sense of feedback, giving you a better sense of rhythm 

Sound wise they are compared to Alpacas, Merlot/Linjar/Gat recolors, milky Gaterons. Not a very loud or sharp clack to them, easily drowned out even more if lubed. 



Grey 67g Linear

Purple 62g Tactile

3 Pin, Plate Mount

Steel Spring 



The SP-Star Haze Switches are plate mount (3 pin) only. You need to use them on a fairly fixed plate for best alignment.

Switches are slightly lubed from factory. You can lube and film if preferred.