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SP-Star Luminous Switches

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For those who were brave to try a polycarbonate switch and loved the SP-Star X Kon MOMO, this time we have the polymer SP-Star Luminous Switches.

The shell on these switches absorbs the light source (ultraviolet light is the best) and it will have 2-3 minutes of fluorescent effect in the dark light.

The luminosity and duration of luminous materials are affected by the environment, the light source absorbed (not its own light source.), and the time. They are not always bright.

Polymer switches usually have a hard shaft that provides a crisp and neat to hit bottom and rebound.

These mechanical switches do not come lubed. Feel free to lube and film if preferred. Once lubed they will have a very smooth feel.



'Cyber - 62g Linear Switch

Color: Green Shaft - Black stem

Material: Polymer

Type: MX Switch



Batch is currently in stock for the SP-Star Luminous Switches.

Stock is a sorting system and processing time is our regular 3-5 business days.