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Sunflower T1 Switches

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The new series of Sunflower T1 Switches have a super smooth performance with a heavy tactile feeling. The switches have a deeper sound compared to previous PC Top + Nylon Bottom series from Durock.

The upper and lower shaft use selected imported POM materials. The stem comes with an upgraded design and also uses a new mixed polymer material, which is finally selected after hundreds of experiments and improvements from an engineering team who finally got an excellent ratio of the mixture to achieve a great performance.

When it comes to the color design, a combination of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating will make your mechanical keyboard look and feel brighter.


Sunflower switches


We already loved the original T1s , but this new POM version



Material: POM Housing + Mixed Polymer Stem

67g Gold-plated Spring

4mm Travel - 2mm Operating

Style: MX Tactile Switch

LED styles: SMD and through-hole

5 Pin Switch (Can be used in plate mounted keyboards by cutting the 2 small plastic pins off)



The Sunflower T1 Switches are factory lubed. You can lube and film if preferred.

Corrosive Lube may cause scratchy performance and affect the smoothness of the switch.

 Sold as 70pcs Bag.