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Crafting Keyboards

Tribosys 3204 Switch Lube

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$40 USD
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$40 USD

TriboSys 3204 Switch Lube is superior to oils and other greases due to its ease of application over other greases and oils, non-migrating properties, and durability. Highly stable and non-migrating grease ideal for tactile and linear switches.

Eliminates the “scratching” sound or any other undesirable acoustic and tactile properties such as spring jitter. Makes a new mechanical keyboard feel “broken in” and elongates the life of the switches.

Easy to apply and more consistent wear of the mechanical switch internals.


The aliquot is based on the 9g standard, (4.5ml)
The controlled dosage can be enough for two 104 keyboards.
The density of the TriboSys 3204 Switch Lube is about 2.0g/cm³.
The container used for sub-packaging can be filled with 9ml of water. Therefore, 10g of this product will be under the bottleneck.