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Crafting Keyboards

XDA Vitruvian Keycap Set

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Producing this astounding the XDA Vitruvian Keycap Set this time we have Wenruo XDA.

Utilizing a new texture surface on PBT with a deeper finger belly. The new blind spot key is changed to a small bulge in the middle. Between the F and J letters.

The four sides are fine and smooth, and the top surface is a slightly rough matte surface, which retains the three-dimensional designs perfectly and takes into account the delicate feeling that everyone likes when typing.

The new grainy surface has also corrected the issue of easy scratching and will be super scratch resistant. 


This is a one time production. This set will not be produced again in the near future. There are quantities that must be hit in order for each kit to run. If there are not enough purchases for a given kit, those who purchased that kit will be fully refunded.

Group purchase time: December 21, 2020 - December 31st 2020 at 11:00 PM EST (10 Days).

Estimated delivery time: Expected from March-April 2021 - We keep you updated through our site and email.



The design is inspired by a font.

In 1497, the Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli wrote the famous "De Divina Proportione," which discussed the use of the golden section in art, arithmetic, and architecture and draw precise illustrations.

In the chapter discussing architecture, Pacioli redrawn the Roman alphabet. He followed Feliciano's "square and circle" structure, but made new adjustments to the thickness of the strokes to make the letters more calligraphic and nested in a square frame symmetrically. In the Renaissance era, humanist scholars held in deep respect for the architecture, art, philosophy, etc.

Words should also have perfect forms.


The Esc key is a 48 equilateral semi-regular polyhedron. Its surface is composed of 18 congruent squares and 8 congruent triangles. It is derived from the crystal polyhedron in the upper left corner of the screen. This is also seen in Leonardo’s illustrations. A three-dimensional frame diagram of a semi-regular polyhedron; in contrast, there is a regular 12 -hedron model on top of the box-like object in the lower right corner of the screen . The individual key icons are derived from five kinds of Platonic geometry.

So there is this "Sacred Proportion". On the basis of the original Latin alphabet building, the design of numbers 0-9 is added, and the geometric composition method is used to shift, tab, enter and other keys. Due to the fineness and complexity of the font, this keycap uses the XDA height with a larger contact surface.

After the last IC, the sub-kit and red personality were updated, and the positive and negative colors were added.


Different kits can be purchased on demand:

  • Base Kit - $85
  • Num Kit - $36
  • Extra Kit - $48
  • Novelties - $55
  • Novelties (Red) - $58
  • Space - $27
  • ISO - $20


    *Buy your favorite Vitruvian kits and the Divine Proportion Desk Mat, and get $10 off at checkout.

    Divine Proportion Desk Mat Info:

    Dimensions: 900mm x 400mm x 4mm
    Material: Soft cloth surface with seaming.


    Renders are shown to give a sense of what the final product will look like. The end product may differ slightly in color from the renders that you see. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that there may be differences between the renders and final products.

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